Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Stubacca drifts downunder.

Stubacca said his goodbyes today, heading back to his sand box known as Tasmania, it was good having him for our first week of road tripping shenanigans. Tofino wouldn't have been the same without him, and we wish him the best for the future. Ivanlegend is somewhat more spacious and as it putters on down the salty road, the crew can't help but ponder on the departure of one fellow tribesman (stu) and the loss of another (AI).

Arrival in Washington and all things America greeted our shining headlights this evening, following an emotional roller-coaster day of drained batteries, dead alternators and auto-shops. Kicking off the american leg of our endeavor with Sonics' Drive thru, stomach beater burgers; we regretted every bite as we hurried along to a blanket and a roof that awaited us in Bellingham.

New and amazing things seem to happen everyday, the new alternator has made night driving less of a nightmare, with the instigation of headlights that actually work. 

"A van is safe in the garage but that's not what Van's are for"


There are no real goodbyes, not between friends.

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  1. Headlights will come in handy tonight (11/14)...good luck on the 5! I hope you guys enjoyed your brief, low-quality-waves time at Steamer/the Lighthouse in Santa Cruz; we all enjoyed meeting and chilling with you and yes, you missed some epic burns once Fire got underway for real. I'm looking forward to future posts, and you've got places to crash on the way back north!